Hospitality Training

* Hospitality, customer-friendly, hospitable, hostmanship. Different words whose meanings are very similar in the base. It doesn't matter what you call it, as long as you make the customer feel welcome.


For that reason I have summarized these different definitions in one word; welcomeness


wel • come • ness (adjective, adverb

1) receiving someone at home or within your company with pleasure and in such a hospitable way that this person feels really welcome 


It is therefore not surprising that this is the common thread during my training courses and workshops.


In an interactive way and without too much theory, I let the participants think about the topics 'customer friendliness' and 'feeling welcome somewhere' and we get to work on this. This forms the basis before we continue with themes such as cold acquisition, call after quotations and Social Selling.


The advantage of this is that the employees largely determine the content themselves, there is more involvement and it becomes a unique training. After all, every company is unique.


We start every training and workshop with this video by Dutch comedian Lebbis that describes the ultimate customer satisfaction.


Welcomeness is the central theme during my sales training. I see it as 'selling from hospitality'. Even for the novice and not yet seasoned salesperson; with a hospitable attitude, you have already received half of your sales.


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